What is the Playbook?
The Playbook has been designed to assist with the sharing of tech and ideas, outside of Discord servers where posts are easily lost and hard to search. The playbook also offers additional features, for example the ability to filter plays by specific criteria, including character, environment, and even contributor.
How to contribute Plays
  1. Message hyhy about becoming a contributor
  2. Upload your content to YouTube (or clip an existing video)
  3. Navigate to the submit page
  4. Upload your play with a relevant name, description, and tags
  5. Wait for a moderator to approve the submission!
  • Design system overhaul
  • Play requests/bounties
  • Advanced filtering views
  • Post directly from Discord
  • Other games?
  • Gentle - Helping to host the OG Playbook and teaching me a lot of modern webdev
  • JawDrop - Huge amount of content
  • CookingTiger - Initial content to test UI, initial requirements review
  • Biscuit - Logo
  • communities - Testing and bugfixes
  • baltikus - Testing and bugfixes